Craft World Tours

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Tom and Sherry; their travel adventures may now continue in other worlds. They were individually and together amazing, and they will sorely be missed.

We offer small-group international travel programs that have been specially designed for persons with an interest in the handcrafts, folkarts, village life & customs, and traditional lifeways of peoples of the world.  Maximum group size ranges from 10-18 traveling companions, depending upon the destination and facilities.  The focus of Craft World Tours' international travel programs is to meet craftspeople and village people to see how and where they work, how they live, their way of life..."to go behind the wall".  We hope our traveling companions will be influenced by the range of handcrafts, the people we meet, the cultures, the food, architecture and landscape. As our travel programs focus on meeting people, visiting villages & markets, they are also ideal for persons interested in photography.

Prof. Tom Muir Wilson & Sherry Clark Wilson
Prof. Wilson has been designing and running special-interest travel
programs since 1969. Tom and his wife Sherry formed CRAFT WORLD TOURS in 1984 to share their love of travel, the special craftspeople they have met and the unique places they have found over the years. Both Tom and Sherry were educated as craftspeople... Tom a woodworker and furniture designer, and Sherry a weaver and feltmaker. Educator for 35 years, Tom has retired from 22 years of teaching Photography and Art at Rochester Institute of Technology's School for Photographic Arts & Sciences. Tom designs & accompanies most of CWT's travel programs, Sherry keeps the office running, and occasionally accompanies Tom on the trips.